Membership has its benefits. Below is a list of benefits available to our members.
Free EDP Tri-Optic Barcode Labels
Fujifilm Canada prints its own EDP Tri-Optic ™ labels under exclusive license from EDP to ensure fast turnaround time and error-proof identification of every data cartridge inside robotic library systems. Best of all, every barcode label is printed on demand and applied in a clean room at our facility. Our on-site label printing system can also add a custom logo to each barcode, aiding in security and visual identification. Use your TapePower membership to order your media with EDP Tri-Optic labels from you reseller.
Free Library Packs
The Fujifilm Library Pack is perfect for today's automated storage environments. These special packs eliminate cumbersome and time-consuming individual media packaging. Removing the top lid reveals 20 tape cartridges ready to be immediately loaded into a library. The convenient built-in handles and stacking feature make it easy to keep fresh tapes on hand. Not only can library packs shorten your backup window, but they also help reduce data center waste. Use your TapePower membership to order your media in the Library Pack configuration from you reseller.
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